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UNICEF Full Form


UNICEF Full Form

UNICEF Full Form stands for United Nations International Children’s Emergency Fund

What does UNICEF mean?

UNICEF Full Form (UNICEF) was established to maintain the rights and give nourishment, social insurance, and security to kids influenced by the abominations of the Second World War. In 1953, when the UNICEF turned into a perpetual program under the United Nations and because of changing world situation, the words universal and crisis were kept separate from the first name. The United Nations would not like to change the first abbreviation and imagery; thus they kept on holding the first abbreviation UNICEF. From that point forward, UNICEF has represented United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) and at present, UNICEF works in 190 nations and domains to ensure the privileges of the kids. It had become an extraordinary program of the United Nations which persistently works for the general government assistance of the destitute kids and moms over the world.