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What is the WHO Full Form?

WHO Full Form WHO Full Form​ WHO Full Form stands for World Health Organization What does WHO mean? WHO Full Form (WHO) is a particular office of the United Nations (UN) that goes about as an organizing expert on worldwide general health. Reference

What is OFC Full Form?

OFC Full Form OFC Full Form​ OFC Full Form stands for Optical Fiber Communication What does OFC mean? OFC Full Form (OFC) Conference and Exhibition, is a meeting and display for optical interchanges and systems administration experts. Reference

What is SUPW Full Form?

SUPW Full Form SUPW Full Form​ SUPW Full Form stands for Socially Useful Productive Work What does SUPW mean? SUPW Full Form (SUPW) is a subject educated in Indian schools where understudies can browse various professional exercises like sewing, cultivating, cooking, painting, carpentry, making articles like decorating, glass painting, scarf line, table material, sandboard, medical …

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What is SSA Full Form?

SSA Full Form SSA Full Form​ SSA Full Form stands for Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan What does SSA mean? SSA Full Form (SSA) may be a program for Universal education. This program is additionally an effort to supply a chance for improving human capabilities to all or any children through the provision of community-owned quality education …

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Elementor #2587

ABVP Full Form ABVP Full Form​ ABVP Full Form stands for Akhil Bharatiya Vidyarthi Parishad What does ABVP mean? ABVP Full Form (ABVP) is an all India understudy association partnered to Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS). Reference

What is BIMSTEC Full Form?

BIMSTEC Full Form BIMSTEC Full Form​ BIMSTEC Full Form stands for Bay of Bengal Initiative for Multi-Sectoral Technical and Economic Cooperation What does BIMSTEC mean? BIMSTEC Full Form (BIMSTEC) is a worldwide association to encourage financial collaboration among Bangladesh, India, Myanmar, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Bhutan, and Nepal. Need zones of participation include: fisheries, exchange and …

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What is WEF Full Form?

WEF Full Form WEF Full Form​ WEF Full Form stands for World Economic Forum What does WEF mean? WEF Full Form (WEF) may be a Swiss non-profit foundation, based in Cologny, Geneva. It describes itself as an independent world organization committed to improving the state of the planet by engaging business, political, academic and other …

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What is ASTM Full Form?

ASTM Full Form ASTM Full Form​ ASTM Full Form stands for American Society for Testing and Materials What does ASTM mean? ASTM Full Form (ASTM) At present, it is known as ASTM International (ASTM). It is a universal benchmarks association that creates and distributes agreement measures and is one of the world’s biggest global gauges …

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What is CII Full Form?

CII Full Form CII Full Form​ CII Full Form stands for Confederation of Indian Industry What does CII mean? CII Full Form (CII) It is a not-for-benefit and non-government association that is built up to make a helpful situation for the advancement of industry and common society in India through the warning and consultative administrations. …

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