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What is MSCIT Full Form?

MSCIT Full Form MSCIT Full Form​ MSCIT Full Form stands for Maharashtra State Certificate in Information Technology What does MSCIT mean? MSCIT Full Form (MSCIT) is a well known IT Literacy course in Maharashtra, India. MSCIT is an activity of the Maharashtra Knowledge Corporation Ltd (MKCL). Reference

What is MATHS Full Form?

MATHS Full Form MATHS Full Form​ MATHS Full Form stands for Mathematics What does MATHS mean? MATHS Full Form (MATHS) is the science that manages the rationale of shape, amount and game plan utilizing numbers and images. The word arithmetic originates from the Greek μάθημα (máthēma).

What is SGPA Full Form in Education?

SGPA Full Form SGPA Full Form​ SGPA Full Form stands for Sessional Grade Point Average What does SGPA mean? SGPA Full Form (SGPA) is a Grade Point Average (GPA) determined based on every last grade got in a scholarly meeting or in a specific year (e.g., Regular Session, Summer Session).

What is ADCA Full Form in Computer?

ADCA Full Form ADCA Full Form​ ADCA Full Form stands for Advance Diploma in Computer Applications What does ADCA mean? ADCA Full Form (ADCA) is a course directed by numerous colleges that spread points from the fields of PCs, web, working frameworks, office mechanization, programming dialects, equipment support, and so on.

What is BODMAS Full Form?

BODMAS Full Form BODMAS Full Form​ BODMAS Full Form stands for Brackets, Orders, Division, Multiplication, Addition, Subtraction What does BODMAS mean? BODMAS Full Form (BODMAS) It alludes to the request for activities to unravel an articulation. It is otherwise called Bodmas rule, which advises which procedure to perform first to assess a given numerical articulation. …

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What is HCF Full Form?

HCF Full Form HCF Full Form​ HCF Full Form stands for Highest Common Factor What does HCF mean? HCF Full Form (HCF) The biggest number which isolates every one of the given numbers is known as the most elevated basic factor or most noteworthy regular divisor.