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Chat Slang

What is the FTW Full Form in Chat?

FTW Full Form FTW Full Form​ FTW Full Form stands for For The Win What does FTW mean? FTW Full Form (FTW) is a method of saying something is cool, wonderful, energizing, blissful, or energetic. Ordinarily utilized toward the finish of a remark.

What is YOLO Full Form?

YOLO Full Form YOLO Full Form​ YOLO Full Form stands for You Only Live Once What does YOLO mean? YOLO Full Form (YOLO) communicating the view that one should benefit as much as possible from the current second without stressing over the future, and frequently utilized as a method of reasoning for flippant/careless conduct. The …

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What is TGIF Full Form?

TGIF Full Form TGIF Full Form​ TGIF Full Form stands for Thank God It’s Friday What does TGIF mean? TGIF Full Form (TGIF) is used to communicate the delight one feels in realizing that the workweek has finished and they have two days off to appreciate.

What is TBD Full Form?

TBD Full Form TBD Full Form​ TBD Full Form stands for To Be Determined/Decided What does TBD mean? TBD Full Form (TBD) “To Be Determined ” or “To Be Decided”. TBC is utilized when something has not been resolved/chosen or settled at this point, however it will presumably soon. Note: Contingent upon the unique circumstance, …

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