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Business Terms

What is the ABC Full Form?

ABC Full Form ABC Full Form​ ABC Full Form stands for American Broadcasting Company What does ABC mean? ABC Full Form (ABC) is an American TV station. Made in 1943 from the previous NBC Blue radio system, ABC is claimed by The Walt Disney Company and is a piece of Disney-ABC Television Group. Reference

What is SDR Full Form?

SDR Full Form SDR Full Form​ SDR Full Form stands for Special Drawing Rights What does SDR mean? SDR Full Form (SDR) is a world reserve asset, created by the International fund (IMF) in 1969 to supplement official reserves of member countries.

What is COD Full form?

COD Full Form COD Full Form​ COD Full Form stands for Cash on delivery What does COD mean? COD Full Form (COD) is a budgetary exchange where the installment of items and additionally benefits got is done at the hour of real conveyance instead of paid-for ahead of time. More Info

What is SEZ Full Form in GST?

SEZ Full Form SEZ Full Form​ SEZ Full Form stands for Special Economic Zone What does SEZ mean? SEZ Full Form (SEZ) is a land district inside a nation in which duty and venture motivating forces are actualized to pull in remote organizations and speculations. Reference