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BOD Full Form


BOD Full Form​

BOD Full Form stands for Biochemical Oxygen Demand

What does BOD mean?

BOD Full Form (BOD) The measure of oxygen required by the natural living beings like microbes for the breakdown of the natural issues by the oxidation process in a given water test is called as Biochemical Oxygen Demand. There are institutionalized research facility techniques used to quantify this relative oxygen required, and it is normally estimated the following 5 days utilizing a redox titration called the Winkler strategy. Contingent upon the Biochemical Oxygen Demand estimated the level of how awful is the water quality can be resolved. It is communicated in milligrams of oxygen expended per liter of the test. More the BOD of a given water test, the more dirtied is the water. It is typically estimated on a size of 1-9 and more than 100. Body of 1-2 shows awesome quality, 3-5 demonstrates reasonable quality, 6-9 demonstrates low quality, and more than 100 demonstrates the exceptionally low quality of water.